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03-30-2010, 12:25 PM
Here is some math thrown at y'a...

Before the new patch it use to be PvP was fastest way to level and myself I would get about one level per 2 1/2 hour of gameplay.

BUT, with the introduction to PvE with the clusters it has dratically changed the way I level.

I was C1 (Captain 1) when the patch hit and for a while did not know what to make of things so I figured id try to get some PvE done while waiting for matches. At C6 I did notice that if I grabbed the quest at the level I was suppose to (I was hitting up the clusters at LTC level) then I would get about 120-150 sp per quest.

When I noticed that the quest was repeatable and actually gave 150sp also (the explore quests) the math turns out the following.

150sp per mission
150sp additional per 3d mission


90-190 sp depending on how active and how well you do damage you are
150 sp per every 5th to every 15th rounds of games you do(this im unsure of as I started doing PvE only when I notice how fast it was)

So I went from 1 level per 2 1/2 hour to 1 level per 1 hour 30(45 if unlucky) minutes and Im not trying very hard either.Note that im saying 1 level and not one grade

So with the itroduction to the PvE content my advice is to check out BOTH options, at one point or another the que to PvP in addition to other stuff is going to make PvE much faster.