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03-30-2010, 02:51 PM
There is a huge difference between a level 11 LTC using the MK2 weapons he left T1 with and a level 20 LTC using MK4 gear.

There is a huge difference between a ship with maxed-out, properly trained bridge officers and one with defaults, random abilities, or untrained abilities.

There is a huge difference between a ship piloted by a player who knows how to stack resistance buffs to protect himself and the same ship piloted by a player who doesn't understand how the powers interoperate.

There is a MASSIVE difference between a team of ships fighting individually and the same set of ships watching each other, using support abilities, and focus firing.

There are real balance issues in PvP, but most of them have to do with Cloak, SNB / VM, or the crazy high damage output of properly equipped Escorts and Raptors. The OP's complaint is classic whining from someone who got his socks beat by better geared, more skilled players and decided to blame the game instead of his own lack of skill.

Oh, but Capture and Hold is still severely bugged. Capturing nodes takes an excessively long time, while UNcapturing them can be done nearly instantly. It also seems that Red Team captures the nodes slower than Blue Team, even following the fix to the post-patch issue.