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03-30-2010, 04:06 PM
Originally Posted by J-Sheridan
The only reason AP are even an option is because they have been artificially induced that way. Even then its unappealing because the return is not worth the investment.

I find it amusing for people to promote AP as being 'the best', you would be far better to shut up and stay quiet. Afterall, if AP becomes regarded as the 'best' then everyone is going to start using it and the endgame store offers items with specific resistances against AP.

Regardless, other purple weapons are going to be dropping and I suspect alot more people are going to be looking for anything BUT AP garbage. If Cryptic were remotely intelligent in making an appropriate endgame selection:

Federation - Offer Purple Phasers / Anti-Proton
Klingons - Offer Purple Disruptors / Anti-Proton
Romulans - Offer Purple Plasma / Tetryon
Cardassian - Offer Purple Polaron / Phaser

Then have the races rely on 'drops' to get access to purples of other types.

However, expecting common sense from Cryptic is futile.
Yeah, I agree. The problem with the 500 SP/level for something that, if op is right, will be nerfed/rebalanced, is the respec cost. Oh, and wouldn't it be better spent into something like DEM III?