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03-30-2010, 09:09 PM
Originally Posted by radiumz0rz View Post
polaron is great because of the proc. however since they're not in the stores is a big problem with them.
speaking of things not in stores.... where are my tetryon weapons?

but, yeah. Game balance has so many issues now (in part thanks to the unexpectedly added level cap), and I don't know how many of them Cryptic plans to fix. This critical thing sounds like one they'd do, but everything else? Dunno...

And whoever suggested varying MkX badge reward weapons by Faction was DEFINITELY on to something!

Aside from just that, I'd like to see weapons skills swapped in the skill trees for opposing factions. Like Romulans (if added) should have Plasma & Tetryon swap with Phaser & Disruptor since the Romulans & Hirogen use those the most... but *shrug* kinda just have to wait and see. For better or worse, I'm a lifer so I'm not going anywhere...