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03-30-2010, 11:16 PM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
New ways of getting BO's comes this summer.
How do you know this?

Also, but correct me if I'm wrong, Saurians aren't supposed to have efficient right? So why do the Bridge Officers get it? That doesn't exactly seem very fair. I've noticed this on the exchange as well, but it seems a little illogical to me. Why don't they give Rapture to Gorn while they're at it, or Mind Meld to a Human? Personally I think the efficient on saurians was a mistake, and not intentional. I could be wrong though. It would have made more sense on other races who were meant to have efficiency.

As a side note, does anyone know or have you seen other space traits on boffs, or is the Saurian Efficient the only one around?