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03-31-2010, 12:28 AM
Originally Posted by Kestrel View Post
Missions onboard your ship have been a topic of much debate among the dev team since the beginning of the project.

We really want to do them, but everything we do has to be formatted for a team. In the case of an Episode, that's up to five players.

Say an alien virus gets loose on your ship and starts affecting your crew. That's great if you're solo, but what if you're on a team? Is it your ship? Your teammate's ship? The team leader's ship?

We're always looking for new ways to deliver content, and we are looking for fun, workable solutions to quandries such as this. So it's not out of the realm of possibility, but we can't put a date on it.
Well, maybe this is one place where you could differentiate between how you scale missions for groups?

My suggestion is, make most ship missions timed. Starfleet IS pushing a lot of junior officers (who may not be equipped to make hard choices) into command positions and brevet promotions and it IS wartime, meaning the sensitivity of ship specs is pretty vital. Maybe the ships set themselves to auto-destruct if compromised.

From a game PoV, that means that instead of ramping up the difficulty of group missions, you just balance away missions (which tend to be easier) on time goals. This keeps things from being too long. I also think it might be an interesting plotline if you have an episode that revolves around Klingons stealing Federation ships and our discovery that Starfleet doesn't treat us like "real" admirals, giving the ships an auto-destruct that's out of our control. It would be refreshing to barge into Quinn's office and chew him out for everything we're asked to do only to be rebuffed that we aren't "real" admirals and that things like the emergency auto-destruct in the event of a ship being compromised are something we'll have to accept.

As far as whose ship? My response is: all of them. Have us beam back and forth if it makes sense. If it doesn't make sense, make it the mission owner's ship.