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03-31-2010, 01:07 AM
Originally Posted by Shuyun
I fully understand your post, its you who isn't realizing that no one agrees with you about it.

Wasnt it the 2 female klingons, lursa and b'etor(sp?) in generations using an outdated 20 yr older BoP to almost destroy the enterprise solo? In fact, its because of there damage to enterprise that it crashed.
Well, not every Bird of Prey can have a spy on board the target ship that sends it the ships shield frequency and allows it to bombard at high speed. The Enterprise was without shields and took several hits. The Bird of Prey took what - 3 torpedos once it shields were down? And was utterly destroyed. I am not convinced the current gameplay in PVP reflects such a difference. (If it did; I am sure the BoP would be considered underpowered and useless).