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03-31-2010, 04:09 AM
I haven't tried it, but I think BOs can't use melee weapons. Don't bother to give them a Bat'Leth, they will just stand around.

Tac: I like Draw Fire and the martial arts attacks (Lunge). I'd stay away from the grenades, they tend to set yourself on fire, too. BOs throw them, no matter where you or other allies are. Stealth Module seems a bit pointless.

Eng: Well, technically, all the fabricated stuff is nice, I especially like things like Shield Generator. Not sure if the bug is fixed tho. Bug = BO drops generators and turrets whenever the cooldown is over, also outside of any battle (and missions without enemies). Gets annoying like hell; the spammed items will show as "ally" on the minimap. Weapons Malfunction is a good skill to start with.

Sci: Tachyon Harmonic for shield debuff, or Medical Tricorder for healing.

Edit: Do not give them anything. No shield charges, hypos or food. They use it instantly, even if they are on full health/shields. The skill Combat Supply can take care of them, it generates a temp item of each category. Should be a Tac skill.
Also, give the BOs Expose weapons, anything wide spread or auto (at least that works best for me, phaser auto rifles); and have a exploit weapon yourself (split beam; or sniper). I have never ever seen a BO exploit, so I assume they can't do it, or ignore it like other abilities except the skills. (Vulcans don't do nerve hold, telekinetic BOs don't knockback and so on).