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# 1 To The Average Fed (PvP talk)
03-31-2010, 06:23 AM
I have been reading the forums for the fed side for a change today. One thing I have noticed is alot of feds are complaining about how fast they die in PvP. Their ranks I am unsure of for most, but I do know at least a few are in T1, but this is directed more for the T5 range of players as well as other tier ranked players, but more for the T5.

1.) Cannons and Beams can both do massive damage, and with beam overload your weapon power only gets drained roughly by about 1/3, whereas before it would empty. This is a very nice change for feds if you ask me. (three 1/3 are equal to 1whole as far as calculation if you didnt know).

2.) When in a true PvP match and your group is dying, instead of going back to the group in combat, go about half way in and stop and wait for the rest to come there, or have a plan on where to meet up if you start losing. In a salvage map it is different, but still do not go it solo because you will get hammered.

3.) If you want to know how to PvP make a klink and lvl them to at least Commander 1 or a little higher. In Commander ranks klinks really start to shine thanks to the diverse ships and the experiences of PvP.

4.) Get into a clan that uses ventrilo and/or teamspeak. You must also use it for this to work correctly, but login to it and actually speak to them. It also helps a huge amount if you join a clan that plays both sides, has players that favor the playstyle of one side or the other, and one that feels right. Just dont argue too much that one side is OP or better, that type of talk is not good in ventrilo and/or teamspeak, and it is an old arguement on the forums.

5.) Escorts from both sides can use all cannon type weapons. When someone is specced for cannons, has the three new skills for space combat, and has consoles that magnify the use of cannons they become very powerful. This said, it will not matter at all if you are doing the following, this is only an example.

(you are using plasma cannons, 3x dual heavy in the front and 3x turret cannons in the rear. The target is a carrier with shields that have 20% plasma resist. Thanks to all the skills you have and the equipment to augment the plasma damage you will do the targets resistances are minimal at best. This said you will have little trouble tearing his shields off).

6.) Some very good skills to look into are:
*Reverse shield polarity (countered mainly by Tykens Rift and Energy Siphons)
*Viral Matrix (countered by Attack pattern omega, science team, and if you fast enough reverse shield polarity)
*Tykens Rift (countered by simply moving away from the rift, but this can be hindered if you are hit by two layers using a tykens rift and gravity well)
*Subnuc Beam (no real counter, but if you use it be prepared to be the main target alot more)
*Jam Sensors & Scramble Sensors (countered by using science team on yourself)

There are some tips for those of you who may or may not have known. Hope this helps at least a few people, and for those that dont want to play a klink at all, eh its your monthly plan and your respawn point, use it as much as you want. But, if you want to learn how to PvP, play a klink till you can do PvP as a commander and do that for a couple more levels. Who knows, you may actually like playing klingon more.

The number one tip I can give those of you who either have a klink or want to make one. Make a tactical officer, klinks are not designed to be as good of a tank as feds, just look at our ships and the minus % shield and hull we get. Also, I play tactical and love my high yield 3 and rapid fire 3 combo, melts those star cruisers really fast since season 1 came out.

I invite anyone who wants to talk to me in-game to do so. I think my toons name is XedoeZR@XedoeSR or get into our game channel and chat that way. Just PM me and you can talk to me as well others who play one side over the other mainly or people who play both sides. So long as you dont act like a 2 year old youll be fine, but if your over 100 please dont tell us lol.

Confirmed, my toons name is XedoeZR@XedoeSR and its a brig gen 5 fully geared out and what not.