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03-31-2010, 06:54 AM
Dr. Crusher isn't 'only' a doctor, she also has a command rank, at least Lt. Commander I think. There were very few exceptions of bridge officers below that rank; Ensign Kim on Voyager and later Ensign Nog on the Defiant.

It annoys me too how the skills currently 'upgrade'. Its no real upgrading, since I usually have to drop a skill to really upgrade another from I to II. Going from I to II on the same station seems more logical.

As a general idea, I'd like to see a BO get access to truly better skills at higher ranks (won't happen, I know) or make it a unlock-by-rank system:

My sci vessel has only 1 ensign tac station, occupied by Ensign BO, using Beam Overload I.
I get a promotion, and can promote the BO to Lt. Commander. Having all possible points on Beam Overload I now allows me to level up another 9 stages and make it Beam Overload II.

No instant "bam, your BO got promoted, its Beam Overload II now", but give the option to upgrade it.

Its not unbalanced to me, because that would apply to every ship, BO, console, player. What's the big difference in balance between a maxed out ship with the current system and a maxed out ship with the suggested system? None. Its still mostly a matter of what to spend points on first - unlock next rank of Ensign skill or invest in Lt. Commander skill. It just gives some more options when planning out a character and probably helps to decide what kind of ship to fly.