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03-31-2010, 08:23 AM
I'll have to dig, but if you can go to the Champions Online forums, you can find threads on programming aliases and binds which apply here.

There are likely the same instructions in any Champions Wiki.

Program a key bind that 1) targets yourself, then 2) triggers the hotbar slot your ability is in and assign it an easy to reach key. You can even assign it the number key that normally corrisponds to that ability, though you'll have to click it to use it on another when you need/want to.

I know it can be done here, I just forget the syntax. CO wikis and forums will have it.

EDIT: Start here -

I'm not in-game to test this, but I think its something like:
/bind F1 "+down1 $$ Target_Self $$ PowerTrayExec 16"
Then stick the ability in the "1" slot. and hit F1 (or any other key you place here). There may be a need to tweak the PowerTrayExec number.

Again, I'm not in game, and this is modified slightly from Champions Online aliasing and keybindings. It may not work at all!

A thought... you may want to find and add at the end the comand to target last target, so this targets you, fires the ability, then goes back to the target you just had.