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03-31-2010, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by radiumz0rz View Post
So, to get this straight, after I am hit with target subsystems shields and my shields get knocked out, I use emergency power to shields to regain at least some of my shield strength which i can then use sci team?
partially correct, your emergency power to shields should restore the power to the shield subsystem (it isn't putting strength into them on a physical defensive level, it rather gives additional power and puts the system back online), although when your shields will come up with the same amount of strength as when they dropped. most of the time

TSS will continue to drain against your system until the debuff is removed, that is to say that once your shield power has gotten disabled, you need to put enough power back into the system so that you have a greater amount of shielding than the drain, i.e.: your opponent drains for 90 so you need to have a total power greater than 90. If you use emergency power to shields but it still isnt enough power to offset the drain, your shields will temporarily raise for about 2-3 seconds and then drop again.

this is why multiple stacks of tss can be particularly deadly. as to the best of my knowledge, you really can't get 140+ power into a subsystem easily.