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03-31-2010, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by Leonwulf
Nice retort. I didn't realize I had to do other then state my opinion. Since you decided to be an ass......There is ZERO need for a battleship that would be even slower then the galaxy. People complain now about how slow that thing is even with the extra 1 point of turn they gave us. The Sov is aready considered the "battleship".

How would you balance a "battleship" against the klingons for PVP? There is already precedent for a carrier so that could be easily brought in line and balanced.

You basically want a big slow ship with lots of weapon slots which will force the dev team to come up with not just the fed version but also the klingon version there by hosing balance in PVP all over again and forcing them to spend even more time away from adding content.

oh yeah great idea.
Thers no precedent as the feds don't have a playable carrier in game. Also, just because one side has it doesn't mean the other side needs it. That logic is broken. I would also hope that if they do enter a new type of ship for either factions or new factions they would test them fairly thoroughly so that they balance without a whole bunch of tweaking for other classes.

At the moment the cruisers can be both tanks and support. I would imagine a battleship as being nothing but a tank, and would be thus geared appropriately. I would think added tac and engineering slots and BO's, and a loss of sci slots and BO's.

Its a pain in the ass to tell the difference between this thread and the one begging for fed carriers.