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03-31-2010, 07:50 PM
Just thought I would chime in and sorta remind you all to the fact they will be giving both sides more ships. Also just want to point out that if a carrier would exist, I would assume it to use the same type of ship docks as the Klink version carrier. So, instead of BoPs I would say Runabouts, and for those little fighters I would say regular old shuttles or something small and similar to the fighters us Klinks get. But, as for the rest keep it the same as the Klinks, and I would go for that, and I play Klink as main.

Also, here are some links to some ships I thought you would all enjoy. Some "could" become classified as a carrier class, but as far as cannon goes I doubt any of these are true cannon ships, but some I think are and all of them look very cool. Hope you enjoy them.

The following ships are from the game Klingon Acadamy, which was released June 21, 2000 by the company 14 Degrees East.
Klink ships:
Fed ships:
Romulan ships:
Gorn ships:
Tholian ships:
Sha'Kurian ships:

Please note I love the klink ships QuD and Accuser if you look at those, and also I love the fed ship Missouri class and Okinawa.