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04-01-2010, 12:15 AM
Originally Posted by Leonwulf
The precedent is set in 3 ways. Firstly the Akira is a carrier/torpedo boat....we know this is what it was designed for. Secondly The dominon war showed us fighters in the engagment and eluded to them being launched from a fed ship. Thridly the klingon carrier is in game now so cryptic could impliment something similar now considering the game mechanics are there sans a little tweaking.

We....the game do not need bigger and bigger ships, especially at this point, we need the middle fleshed out if anything. What you want isn't a "battleship" we have that in the Sov and star cruiser you want a dreadnaught. Maybe after the add more levels dreadnaughts make sense but they don't now at RA5.

There are a whole host of ships they could add on both sides to flesh out the lower ranks that would make much more the excelsior.
I think you may miss the point of this thread. It says "Don't add a fed carrier, add a full blown battleship instead."

This isn't the push for carrier thread. We're in this thread to discuss the possibilities of a battleship in place and in answer to a carrier.

I know its confusinf because everyone gets so up tight over this ridiculous carrier issue, but i think its best if we only talk about it in the thread that has to do with it.