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04-01-2010, 04:05 AM
Originally Posted by Ratblaster View Post
OMG! Dont let this thread die! This is the best enhancement request ever!

Tribble bridge officers will be especially useful on klingon ground mission!

And for space missions give them power to beam a tribble boarding party onto klingon ships!

ROFL! I can imagine a group of Klingons fleaing for their lives away from a group of... cute furry little Tribbles!

I dunno... maybe they could be given the ability to breed so fast for a short duration that they drown the enemy in little fuzz balls or create an electro static discharge similar to something I saw in a really funny comic featuring a certain Sith apprentice (Darth Vader) and his master (Sith lightning + Tribble = Unlucky Fried Emperor).