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10-24-2008, 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by Augustus_Tirion
In the future could we avoid gaming sites that are wholly owned by gold selling companies
Well-said, Augustus_Trion. That is not a trivial point, and it would be good for Cryptic to take it seriously.

It's unfortunate, but Allakhazam forfeited the privilege of being treated as a respectable source of gaming information when its owners chose to sell it to IGE's holding company.

I appreciate Cryptic's desire to be evenhanded in its marketing of STO via the gaming press. But I'd prefer that Cryptic -- and any other game developer that wants to be taken seriously when it claims to oppose third-party "sales" of items in its games -- not undercut their message that the farming and trading of in-game items is forbidden by giving revenue-enhancing interviews to sites like Allakhazam that support those activities.