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04-01-2010, 04:15 PM
Tbh, I dont think Q would get a kick out of this.. I think he would simply never let himself be in a situation where he had to face that kind of evil.. Sure, Q is some sort of evil, but not that evil..

Lets say he just winds up in this boys bedroom, while his uncle touches him, I think the millisecond Q would wind up there, he would just change the surroundings to something else.. less perverse.. but then again, me writing this could only be a result of my wishfull thinking provided by the authors of Star Trek tv series.. and if Q really existed, he would truly be insane, perverse and even more sadistic than in the tv series..

Was this childrens book written by some sort of christian fanatics?

I, myself, grew up in a christian fanatical home, and I smelled that kinda ******** in that book..

It's crazy how far some people go, how deep they can sink, without realizing it..

I read some dude's comment to it, and Im quoting:

"children SHOULD learn about this!! cuz this crap happens everyday and it's good to know how to deal with it. not everyone has the golden family that they deserve, and if something bad happens [like uncle bad-touch] then they need to know how to fix that. thank GOD someone wrote a book like this!!!!"

This guy really doesn't have any idea what he's saying.. Children arent developed enough to be able to learn about this properly in the way its projected in this book.. Sure, Im all for teaching them about "No-no-spot" etc, but to take it this far? And including something TOTALLY seperate, being homosexual/having homosexual feelings, into this, is just too far fetched..

People who believe "Homosexuality" is a disease, really need to open their eyes, and stop being so incredibly ignorant.. Oh well, Ill stop myself, I get too easily provoked by this