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04-01-2010, 04:28 PM

Make it a upgraded Galaxy class, as we have seen in the final episode of ds9, where the galaxys kinda sat there, and instant gibbet things with their massive phaser arrays.

Give them Battleship arrays that only they can fit. 1,5 second firing animation, 8 second cool down, and massive damage per shot. If you go with the galaxy you can go with a hard limit of 2 (since it has 2 main arrays)
Perhaps increase their engagement range to 15 km.

Then work out the powerdrain so the player has to make a choice as whether to spam the smaller arrays alongside the big ones or not (ie: take into account em power to weaps... something you totally missed with cannons.... which fire with no powerdrain at all once set up correctly....).

"hang back and maul some doods" or go in and .... maul some doods closeup.

A carrier is the most boringest thing you could ad, for it does nothing engaging at all.