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04-01-2010, 06:58 PM
I assume Deflectors improves anything that operates through the system by beefing up the overall system and power capacity to it

I assume Deflector dish improves any uber science beams that are apparently the new fad for geek weapons.

I assume Deflector Field would improve non-uber beam deflctor system attributes...basically skills that are not focused, but instead are area propigations(is that the right word? it even spelled correctly)

If my reading and memory is correct:

Deflectors would improve both tachyon beam and [edit] Science Team

Deflector Dish would only help the tachyon beam

Deflector Field would only help the [edit] Science Team.

I think FBP plays off the shield(thus deflector system and its field, as an area propigaction) itself, so it likly benefit from both Deflector and Deflector Field. Its not so much focusing the feedback pulse, but only returning in a focused form what was already focused from its source.

Focused Deflector specials are limited to the 90 or 45 deg(I cant remember) arc for which the dish itself is limited in delivering from. FBP is omni-directional.