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04-01-2010, 07:55 PM
Ok, the deflector dish does provide forward "shielding", but not on the same order of the Shields used in combat, nor can it be used effectivly against current weapons. I thought I had read at one point in MA that they were related systems.

Reading it briefly again, I see the deflector dish is still limited to forward arcs and can be used to extend around other vessels(so it raises the question of why "Extend Shields" is so effective in STO?).

So would you say Deflectors skills is for both shield emmitors and the navigational deflector/emittor abilities? Deflector field skills still seems to be an area/omni-directional projection speciization(perhaps associated with the shield emittors only, not the deflector dish) and deflector dish skills still seems to be for focused beams within the 45-90deg arc?

Its a moot point in the overall discussion, but the Deflector dish seems to house sensors around it not beause the dish is a sensory device, but because the seperate sensor system has to be able to work effectivly through the interference during the dish's operation.

I could have sworn I was using Deflector and Deflector Field to improve must be Science Team..ah, thats it. Ok, thats the shield skill i was thinking of.