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# 1 Missing Main Character
04-01-2010, 09:00 PM
During the most recent server emergency shut down somehow my main character ranked Rear Admiral 1 was erased befor the server crashed and was shut down i was in the process of entering sirrus sector when my game froze....when the server was fixed and back online my Main character was gone..i have sent 4 tickets to Cryptic and called them several time and still they have yet to freakin respond to me..i find this very unproffesional i paid 49.99 for this damn game and paid for 2 months for i am a monthly customer...i demand that this issue be fixed by either replacing my character or by advancing one of my alts to Rear Admiral 1 i spent to much time on my previous character to not demand justice for this. i know cryptic is busy but this is important tome cuase if they do not fix this then i will cancel my subscription.....i will be done with this..i put up with enough crap with Cryptic on City of Heros/Villans