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Now with lots of changes!

First of all, I have to say thank you for getting that up and running so quickly! I was pumped when I read about it, and I'm happy that got put online. I know people are griping about adding more content, but I am pumped that this exists.

I like it! I also have some ideas for how you could expand it (maybe not yet, but in a while? haha after more content is released)
  1. Current Gear: A screencap with the current gear loadout I'm using would be awesome.
  2. Filter on log entries: This has already been implemented ingame. I'd like to see an easy filter to read player-written entries... Especially when there are hundreds of missions. I'd immediately like to toggle them off.
  3. Affiliated Captains: I'd like to select a group of 3-4 friends that are my affiliated captains. These are the people that I play with the most, and I'd like to link to their profile from mine.
  4. Current Ship Image: I'd love to see an image of the current ship I'm piloting.
  5. Self uploaded images: I'd love a place to upload 3-4 images to show off my Captain and his team
  6. Senior Officer Positions(when they are released): Having a list of my senior officers (and maybe even their photos?) would rock.
  7. Statistics: A list of statistics. How many missions I've beaten how many times I've died, PVP matches played.
  8. Privacy Settings: I'd like to toggle the ability for other subscribers/the public/friends to see specific content. I would not like the public to see my loadout/statistics, but I definitely don't mind them seeing a photo of me or something.

I'm not sure how everybody feels, but after some meat is added onto it I know I'll be spending time at work/school/other places when I don't have access to STO. I'd like to see features added on that not only let me show it off to my friends/others, but let me interact with my account/ the community without having to be logged into the game.