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Really honestly... How come Klingons don't have thier d'k'tagh? No Klingon warrior would be with out them. Surprising that they aren't in the game as an essential uniform piece. Additional decorations would be duel rings on things tied to the dagger sheath. (signifing victories)

Other Klingon edged weapons are , the mek'leth (the NPC's have them!)
single handed twin pointed sword often dual wielded.

The ghIntaq, a wooden with a two bladed metal point (first seen in "Birthright"- Pt2)

The qutluch (assisins weapons.. (infamous for the vicious wounds it leaves)

The tik'leth, similar to a terran long sword (first seen in "Reunion"-TNG)

And a new emote for Klingons only. "Duel challange" SIgnified by drawing a dagger and brandishing it with a shouted challange in klingon that translates to "I Challange You!" (we're sooooo literal.. Honest!)