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04-02-2010, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by Leonwulf
T6 maybe

We don't need it in T5 currently it would throw alot of stuff out of whack balance wise. Then on top of that people will want something similar for sci and tac since that would really be a 3rd T5 cruiser.

The loss of the sci console breaks the ship in anything other then PVE and maybe even there. You HAVE to HAVE Sci team in PVP.

When they raise the level cap and want to add it there that'f fine but it doesn't have a place in T5 without causeing issues.
I agree. It SHOULD be a T6. With T6 they can balance among one tier, and also they can have a lot of options. Just like T5 has 2 variations per type, T6 could have 3. If they go that way.

I liked the uber beam array for battleships idea. Should eat tons of Power per shot though and be kind of a stand off weapon.