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04-02-2010, 12:17 PM
Well I have personally seen a few posts asking for this but I am uncertain as to its utility in PvP. Maybe only PvE is what you are interested in.

Here is how I see the problem. In PvP I switch between weapons a lot, I have a split beam rifle and a sniper rifle (I have skills that can stun). So I'm always racing around switching weapons and using skills. Autofire would be a pain because of the issue that you are trying to use a skill and wham, your weapon fires when you don't want it to. PvP is all situational so I would see auto-fire as a drawback.

On PvE I have not run into too many issues where I thought auto-fire would make a difference because too many things are going on to track (well maybe in Infected last room but that's another issue) but I'm a Tactical BG5 so things maybe different for Engineers or Medical players.

Also, I have see LOTS of feds with their ships weapons set to auto. This gets to be fun when you scramble their sensors and their turrets start shooting each other. Fun fun.

Once again I am not saying don't do it to Cryptic. If its a feature and people can turn it on and off I'm all for new features.