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04-02-2010, 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by Rothnang
I agree to a point, the game is definately more interesting when you have factions that are very different from each other.

I think the main problem that people see is just that there is no real equivalent to carriers on the federation side, and not as in "another carrier", more as in "a huge capital ship".

The issue I see personally is simply that there is no way to make a capital ship that is simply bigger and stronger than regular ships in every way except speed without having it become the standard because speed rarely matters in this game.
Isn't speed supposed to amplify a "dodge" chance? It would be great if cryptic found a way to implement misses, cuz then it would be a lot more apparent when you dodge or the enemy is just a sucky shot.

"Pure Tank" would be what i would envision, as I said before. Cruisers can be a balance between tank and support atm. Battleships could be limited to just beam arrays and torps but have a ton of ways to increase both shields and hull, or increase damage resistance.

Maybe in T6 one model could be a tank, and the other model geared for support. Though this may be why the assault cruiser has less crew and sci than the star cruiser. not sure though.