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04-02-2010, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by Rekhan
We're happy to introduce the Star Trek Advisory Council, where we speak to members of the Star Trek and Star Trek Online community to learn more about what our fans want from the game. Read on to learn more.

Link to the news article.
Yet another horrible idea, bequeathed to us by the "brilliance" of marketing.

Didn't you read any of the hundreds of posts of us telling you that the LAST thing we wanted was a Cryptic appointed "superfanboi cheerleader camp"?

We told you mostly that we didn't WANT this, and those who DID (or who would consider it) wanted people WE (not you) chose.

Representatives we didn't choose DONT represent us, PERIOD, and making any claims that they do on this website would constitute a troll.

Haven't you guys learned even one lesson from the mistakes of SOE in running Star Wars Galaxies? Their "handpicked", players having no role in selecting, player "council" was one of their many disasters.

SOE also has even wasted Dev time on implementing stuff from their "senators" personal agendas. This wasn't well received.

What this reeks of to me is that Cryptic wants to stick their fingers in their ears, shout LALALALALALALALA! with respect to we, the real players want to tell them, and instead listen to a "Stuart Smalley daily affirmation soundboard".