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04-02-2010, 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by Ivan-Cryptic View Post
Star Trek fans who feel overwhelmed by the forums and disinclined to post here may prefer speaking with other Star Trek fans in different venues, yes. This is perfectly logical.
How is it? On the internet you have anonymity, so if a person isn't comfortable posting on forums when their true identity isn't known, what makes you so sure they are going to feel comfortable talking with a person, even if that is electronically?
It really isn't going to be any different.

If they don't want to talk on the forums, the logical viewpoint is that they would also decline to talk to someone via a more private means.

If you want to get the viewpoint of you playerbase you should have started with the polls and the newsletters that you previously mentioned before even considering forming a player advisory council. This should have been something down further down the line when other mediums let you down. Not from the getgo.