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# 1 Starship Design families
04-02-2010, 06:09 PM
Federation Starships in Trek tended to come in groups that shared common design features; the largest known being the 'Galaxy family', which included the Nebula, New Orleans, Cheyenne, Challenger, Freedom, Niagara (sort of), and the Springfield. All of these had saucers that were of similar design to the Galaxy, and many of them used the same type of nacelles. The Constitution family, including the Miranda and Soyuz, is another example.

While I like many of Cryptic's designs, it is starting to bug me that they are all so distinctive.

A Heavy Cruiser that used a saucer and nacelles like those of a Saber class is not hard to picture; a Light Cruiser based on elements of the Aurora science ship could look pretty cool. Those are just 2 that pop into my head as I type this.

I would like it if future designs by Cryptic established a few new design families by taking components of ships already in the game and 'kitbashing' them into new classes (it is, after all, in the finest traditions of Star Trek :p).

Anyone else feel this way? And if so, are there any kitbashes you would particularly like to see?