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04-03-2010, 03:50 AM
I see what you mean, another Fedcentric update with a single bone to Klingons:

Klingon -
•Joined Trill - Klingon Faction (April)

Federation -
•Memory Alpha Improvements (April)
•Commodity Mission Revamp (April)
•TOS Mirror Universe Female Outfit (April)
•TOS Female Minidress Update (April)
•Caitians (April or May)
•Dabo Minigame (June)

Unsure/Both -
•Difficulty Slider (April)
•Death Penalty (April)
•Full Autofire in Space (April)
•STF – “Khitomer Accord” (April)
•STF – “Undine: Terror Dome” (April)
•Exchange Improvements (April)
•Sitting in Chairs (May)
•Accolade System (May)
•Squad Leading - “Sidekicking” (May)
•Episode Replay (May)
•STF – "Into the Hive" (June)
•Trading Existing Bridge Officers (June)
•Random Bridge Officer Requisition (June)

Still nothing to improve PvP, NOTHING!!!

Cryptic doesn't think there's any problem with PvP? Hard to believe.

But wait, there's more. In their answer to some questions:

•We will be adding more sectors in Season Two (TBD where) KLINGON or FED??? The above suggests Fed.
•The cryptic engine can certainly handle sports, but the physics programmers are swamped with requests and not likely to be adding that type of gameplay to STO specifically.

Sports would be PvP - Bat'leth tournaments and such. Nice to know there are NO PLANS to add such a thing.

No, they really don't get it, not a clue, not even one.