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04-03-2010, 03:15 PM
I want to also add additional to the above said:

1.) Learn to run! If your defensive skills are on cooldown and you realize that your time has come - power to engines + evasive maneuver out. Not granting the enemy a kill in an arena is important. You will also be able to come back faster.

2.) Don't full-impulse into the enemy. Never.

3.) Don't full stop. Your defense-rating goes to -5% (+10% with the new skills fully skilled) when full stopped. You can't turn and if someone picks you up you can't turn a fresh shield facing to him until the high yield III blows you to pieces.

4.) Don't shoot enemies glowing green (RSP) or having an extra blue shieldcircle around them, granted by another vessel (you can see who granted this, extend shields, by following the blue line - then take this person out, his RSP is now on 20secs global cooldown)

5.) Focus Fire! If you don't have vent or someone calling targets simply look around you - the enemy that gets shot the most from your allies should be your enemy too. Or tab through targets and take the most damaged one. Another variant: Click on an ally (over the group window preferably) and see his target right under his info box click on it and you target it too.

6.) Help your allies out of VM with science team. They have a pink cloud around them. Call in team-chat for help if you got VMd and your science team is on CD.

7.) Kill the most threatening enemies first. If you face Klingons that are most of the times their BoPs. It is annoying if the enemy is able to use 1 VM, but if he can use 2 you did something wrong. Recognize who used SNB. Next time he decloaks facing you hit RSP asap.

8.) If you are under SNB but too close to full power to engines and fly off effectively (this works quite well if the enemy is >7km away), get close to him, fly by, anything that breaks his cannon-fire-angle. If you are too far for that or face several enemies shooting you together circle so they have to kill all shield facings. Increasing engine power while under SNB is always good -> higher defense-rating.

9.) Heal your allies

and last the standard bugfixes:
10.) If you can't respawn - press esc twice
If you can't access the report button press esc-rearrange HUD and drag the pvp window a bit down, so it doesn't overlap anymore - the report button shows you who and how many enemies you face. You can find the missing player from your side with report and then message him over /who. Await the Klingon attack ~1:30 mins after they got the same or max 1 less player than FEDs.
To get out of the base in cap&hold type /stuck or /unstuck