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Originally Posted by RCSlyman View Post
The Nebula class wasn't a counterpart for the Galaxy at all. It's a short duty, specialized mission oriented ship. The Galaxy class was a long tour, deep space exploration vessel. They may have used similar design specs for certain things, but they aren't even the same hull type.

Seriously, you're comparing apples and trout.

By the by, the other Light Cruiser you're thinking of is the Soyuz class, as featured in "Cause and Effect" (TNG) by the USS Bozeman, NCC-1941. It was the same hull type as the Miranda class, but had a different design for more combat-oriented missions.
Short duty? Specialized? Going by internal volume (the only measure worth considering when looking at the size of a space vessel) the Nebula is the second biggest ship in the fleet by a fair margin. Plus the technical manuals (the closest thing we have to actual official information regarding the Nebula class' function; other than that, all we have is fan speculation) state that both the Galaxy and Nebula are explorer ships.

Not only that, but the very early Nebula models really were just kitbashes of the Galaxy; and later ones were only slightly different.

As for the Soyuz, no that ship is not in the game; the Shikahr is what I was thinking of (I looked it up on Suricata's ship chart).