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04-04-2010, 12:15 AM
Originally Posted by STObee
Federation -
•Memory Alpha Improvements (April)
•Commodity Mission Revamp (April)
•TOS Mirror Universe Female Outfit (April)
•TOS Female Minidress Update (April)
•Caitians (April or May)
•Dabo Minigame (June)
Of that list ... I'm pretty sure that the Memory Alpha improvements won't be much to write home about. The commodity missions, according to a couple of different threads (one of them my own Aid the Planet Project thread) account for around 5% of the missions you can generate. 5 percent. You almost never get them. That change is so tiny that it shouldn't even be mentioned. Uniform issues are much larger for the Klingon side. Ugh. The Klingons need some wholesale reworking with uniform options, but the stuff the feds are getting are small tweaks.

New race is ... I mean ... think about it ... the Caitians are cat people. No self respecting Klingon wants to be anywhere near the Furry explosion that Caitiains are going to incur. Only way I think it could be worse is if they made a race of sparkly vampires. I don't think the klingon language even has a word to represent "yiff." We're all better off just not event thinking about what the Catian explosion is going to do.

The Dabo minigame ... I'll concede that one. But maybe they'll give it to Klingons too?