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Even if you aren't Vulcan, if you appreciate logic, join the VKF. If you like working with Fleet-mates who will watch your back and give you tips, join the VKF. If you play at odd hours like our worldwide members do, join the VKF. If you like medium RP, enjoy either casual or hardcore gaming, PvE or PvP (or both), join the VKF. If you aspire to all the higher qualities of the Federation...guess what? Join us!

And lastly, if you have a superior intellect, why aren't you already in the VKF with the rest of us?

Visit us at alternatively send an in game message to @rawtalent or @VKFTKota and see what you can gain by affiliating with the most formidable Fleet in the quadrant.


'Dif-tor heh smusma'

Live Long and Prosper!

Join VKF!