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I've been playing Fed side PvE for a month and a half now and been having a good time, good enough at least to keep coming back, but lately I've been reading some Klink oriented threads and posts. They got my interest so I decided to use my Klink slot and get my lt6 character. Well, I can already see what everyone is talking about with the limited PvE content but I must say that I feel like I'm having more fun. Just a grittier faction to play on I guess. Very appealing to me.

I am also enjoying the BoP they give you. That thing handles alot nicer than the Fed ships I've used! Love the universal BOff slots too. The gas mieage is great and the stereo and sun roof rock! J/K Seriously though, one of the main reasons I decided to try Klingon faction is that by all accounts I will be forced to get into some PvP in order to level. I haven't joined any battles yet as I am using the PvE content to get used to the ship and some abilities I've not used before. But fear not! I will soon be trying out some PvP and doing glorious battle with my fellow Klingons! Hope to see you there and maybe join a team or something. BTW I read that there was a shortage of Sci captains on that side so I rolled one. I figured, "Hey, if I'm gonna defect at least I can maybe contribute something that is needed to my new faction.". Well, this post is too long so disengaging now.