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04-04-2010, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by Matt_Dravis
If it is a boarding party, it doesn't seem to do anything (i.e., no crew loss), so it's bugged.

Also, if it is a boarding party, the graphical effect should go away when the party goes away (either from your Tactical effect -- unless its removal of Borg boarding party is bugged -- or from the duration expiring). This does not happen either, so either the boarding party is bugged, and/or the graphical effect is bugged.

Regardless, we should be informed of what effect is triggering the graphical effect (or what the graphical effect means), and it should expire. This is currently not the case.
I definitely get effects from the Borg boarding parties. Loss of some or all systems for 3-10 seconds at a time over 30 seconds or longer. And tac team definitely doesn't get rid of the *******s.