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04-04-2010, 12:03 PM
Risa is known for its 'Sex games' something which the OP clearly knows.

Originally Posted by Juzif View Post
Maybe this will look little bit weird, but I believe that fans of Star Trek would love this idea, to turn Risa to a real place where you can meet new interesting people and date after all it was always known as the "pleasure planet", and most of the episodes toke place at Risa were romantic in nature.
Risa is a 'pleasure planet' that was depicted 'romantically' so we should make it a 'dating' planet were we can 'meet new interesting people'.

Whats stopping you from meeting people at Sol, Vulcan, Andoria, Memory Alpha etc. ?

What is it EXACTLY about RISA that makes it more valid a spot to meet and date interesting people ?

Is shooting NPC mobs on Risa somehow more romantic than doing it elsewhere ?

'Hey, wanna go kill some Borg with me ?'
'Sure, can we share the loot together
'your so romantic...'
/emote kiss

How exactly do people imagine a dating planet working ?

If you want to go on a date... how about getting off your rear end and doing it in the real world rather than on a computer screen in a GAME ?

It shocks me people think this would be a good idea.