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04-04-2010, 12:08 PM
The problem is, that even though even WoW was repetitive in the beginning, they've really stepped up on content - what I've seen - and added a lot more variation. I'm not gonna play WoW though, because that fantasy crap is getting old.

STO is nice and has variation in the major themes: space and away mission. I even like the away missions. But some of the away missions take place in the exact same location - how many times have you seen that asteroid base with the turquoise-white color scheme? I agree that the planets on exploration duty are varied and cool, but we never get to spend much time on them, or return to them; it's scan and/or kill and then it's back to space travel.

Besides, the problem is, if you're looking to emulate WoW, you'll always produce something that emulates WoW. By taking risks on new game ideas, concepts and development, new things emerge in the gaming industry. I'd rather have played a bad game with refreshing new ideas, than be disappointed by a by-the-book WoW-wannabe.

So far, though, I'm giving Cryptic the benefit of the doubt. STO has the potential to be an excellent game. I've met a whole bunch of interesting RPG-players, who all can come up with better ideas than those currently present in the game. But I can't rest the play-ability of a game on the shoulders of my fellow players forever...