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04-04-2010, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by Askarr
It's off-topic but just out of idle curiousity, why is this bad? I had read that a lot were using phaser cannons because it gives subsystem disables on crits (you get a lot more potential for crits with Rapid Fire), and that you could max Phasers out without sacrificing a load of points, which you can then invest elsewhere...

I use phasers as I'm a bit of a purist, just as I use disruptors so far as a Klingon.
I use Phaser weapons for almost all my characters, Fed or KDF. My justifications:
1) Access to Lv9 earlier than other weapon types, the same as Disruptors.
2) Crit is nice with a chance to disable a subsystem. If it crits and affects shielding subsystem, especially for focus firing...
3) Good phaser weaponry, like disruptors, are more readily available.
4) Phasers don't seem to generate as much "attention" in PvP compared to other weapon types. They're not big green highlights like Disruptors, big honkin' bolts of blue like Plasma, purple streaks of AP, etc. They're just subtle red-orange beams or bolts of cannon fire, and not that bright, I might add.
5) They also do a fantastic job of masking a barrage of HYT Photon fire. The red-orange beams & cannon barrage mesh well with the red stars of the Photon Torpedoes.

The classic Star Trek Phaser + Photon combination is basic, simple, and still pretty nasty. It doesn't have the zing of Quantums hitting a hull, but really, is a HYT barrage of Photons hitting a hull anything to ignore? No, and Phasers help in that combination alot in subtle ways.