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04-04-2010, 04:42 PM
Risa is a 'pleasure planet'. I think we can agree on that. But 'pleasure' isn't limited to 'dating'. Not everyone went to Risa to pick up a date. Picard once went there to research artifacts or something - which is his hobby and has nothing to do with dating. Many couples went to Risa to spend time together (Jadzia and Worf, Zek and Ishka), they already had a partner, so they were probably more looking for activities to share, like games, sports or such.

Risa has statues that indicate romantic interest, so maybe it would be a good solution to add an outfit piece along with swimwear (a handheld statue). Players that wish to 'date' on Risa can display it, and everyone else can stay away from them if they are not interested in that sort of activity.