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04-04-2010, 06:18 PM
Tier 3 is when the CC really starts, IIRC. VM starts rearing its ugly head and gets higher in T4 & T5. You better have Science Team standing by, because if your BoP gets caught in VM with no counter, you're dead before you can blink your eyes and say "D**N!"

Other than that, it's business as normal every time you move up a Tier.

A late realization for me since Season 1 came out, is I guess a Raptor is actually a pretty decent choice now. The jump in cannon firepower is very potent. Cruisers can't withstand much anymore, since they can be dropped in one alpha strike. The BoP is still flimsy but flexible, Cruisers as flimsy as an Escort, and all in a the current game of DPS pwns everything, the Raptor isn't a shabby choice. Actually just noticed a few more flying about in various tiers.