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04-05-2010, 03:20 AM
Originally Posted by Draconianknight View Post
Ok all through the days before Beta and during beta the devs said that there would be a place similar to Memory Alpha for the Klingons. Well there isn't..still. There is no crafting for our faction and this is just wrong. And before you carebears poo poo me again by saying the Klingons are warriors. Well the race may be more war like, but somebody has to come up with better weapons and shields etc etc. Since when is this excluive to the Federation. All through the Star Trek series there have been episodes that pointed at Klingon lawyers, diplomats, doctors and scientist. So don't you think it's about time we got to make some of those cool shields that a Lt. Cmdr. gets to use that are better than my Captians blue shields???
I totally agree with you.
If all Klingons really were as simpleminded and foolish as Captain Klaa from Star Trek V, they would never have even INVENTED the Bath'let, they would still use clubs.
Some of the novels indicate the the Klingons did not invent warpdrive but salvaged it from Hur'q ships they had left behind.
Even if that is the case the Klingons must have had a few wise people who managed to find out how they worked and how to build a ship around this new propulsion system.
If the Klingons were just a bunch of angy idiots, they would have tried to club the engine until it gave up and started working again...umm yeah we all know how well that works.
And if there were no Klingon Engineers, they would never have invented the Vor'cha or improved the D7 to the K'tinga.
And that single Klingon Bird of Prey would not have been immune against the Brenn energy dampeing weapon.
So Klingons should have the ability to craft.
Aside from being fair there is enough indication that they are not just foul-smelling brutes who need a user's manual just to holster their disruptor.