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10-27-2008, 06:13 AM
The interview doesn't really add much new information, but it was a nice read.
I'm especially interested in knowing more about Cryptic's "New World Generator" (my interpretive moniker) and how it will dynamically create new worlds through Player's exploration. I find this very intriguing and would love to know exactly how this will work.
Time Travel has been a bit overdone in the ST Canon, IMHO, but if it's done in a limited way in the game, I'd be ok with this.
I personally don't wish to see the Borg as a PC faction. Maybe as one poster mentioned above, as a mini-quest of being assimilated and somehow escaping or being rescued (like 7 of 9), but I wouldn't want to see any kind of added uber skills gained from the experience...otherwise EVERYBODY would seek to be assimilated to gain the same skill. I've seen similar things happen in other MMOs and it's an immersion-breaker.
Just my take on this interview. Flame away!