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04-05-2010, 06:45 AM
I just did The Cure first time with my sci and my engi in a row (I must be crazy because i needed ~18 hours for this).
Strategy was in both cases the same with some small differences:
The whole group killed alltogether the first spawn as fast as possoble, then one player activated tower 2, 3, 4 as fast as possible while the others defended the towers, one player at each tower and the last one helped where it was most critical.

While doing it with my sci I was the only healer and the one who activated the towers. After I activated the last tower I killed one worker who came to the fourth tower and ran then between all towers to heal the others.

While doing it with my engi it was a bit harder. For time reasons we killed the first group together but let the strongest borg from the first group alive and just pulled him away from the first tower which I defended with two repel rifles. I helped also from distance a bit at tower 2 when my tower was free.

From my PoV to have one healer is the only real important thing. He must activate the towers and then run between all towers to heal the others, best is if he don't shot so that he don't get aggro.

Having purple kits and tons of hypos and shields is of course explicit duty for all.
I suggest also to use the rare incombat-hp-regen x2 tribble and not the borg tribble because staying alive is more important than dps.