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Klingons must seriously be still under development; there really isnt much to do as a Klingon; is very repetative and bit dull and your right about not having the federation advantages; no crafting of ship or personal upgrades like at memory alpha; no drops worth much at any rate that makes them usable; heck I have so many sheild and battery drops that they are probably my greatest source of income; cant really use them very much due to their timers.

I like to play my Klingon to blow up a few things if I can get into a player battle; seem to wait in the que forever; not sure how to read the lists; go to a house battle and there are like a bazillion ques to click on and I cant figure out how to pick and active one; is just random to me; fight and maybe get something at the end of the battle; but klingons dont get stuff off ships you kill like Federation players. Not like my guy sucks or anything; just have much much much better gear on the federation player as I can make stuff and get a heck of a lot more gear from drops and vendors.

Playing a Klingon is a lot like an arcade game; you just shoot stuff and occasionally get a buff; but not much gear that I have seen under Captian level anyway. the most drop i get; hehe; new bridge officers; yes they are useless; but that is what I get over and over. unlike the federation side; I have never ever even used my bridge crew; so I dont have to give them any gear; which is good; because well, getting gear is difficult on the Klingon side.