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Originally Posted by JD4
Very nice post. I read the whole thing and it maintained my interest the entire time. I have two Fed PVE characters (Eng and Tac) and you've convinced me to not only try Klingon but also PvP! I will have to do some serious research on builds and ships as I am very green when it comes to PvP. A few questions:

1.) Do you recommend Eng, Tac, or Sci and why?
2.) What ship type do you recommend? In combination with what captain type?
3.) What is a good starting build for said combination?

Many Thanks!

Very interesting questions. i am just crawling out of bed and the coffee pot is on, so i will do my best to answer. lol.

Question 1. Do you recommend Eng, Tac, or Sci and why?

I can't answer this one simply because it's a matter of personal preference and play styles. Some people just love nothing but pure dps, others like more supporting roles. So you would have to decide what works for you based simply on what you find the most fun. That is the most important thing.

2.) What ship type do you recommend? In combination with what captain type?

To answer this question you have to first ask yourself a question.

What team role do you find most satisfying? Damage output, control, team support?

Notice I said TEAM and not INDIVIDUAL.. Don't be a stat ho, those people **** me off..

Now on to the question.

This game works the same as any pvp match. To be good first and foremost do your research. Research, research and more research. Then when you done so much research your head is going to fall off, do some more. This is what great players always do. It was 5am when i started this and the first thing i did was come to the forms, both this one and my fleet forums to check for any new strat's, tips, etc out there.

Secondly, this goes hand in hand with the first question, pick the ship and captain type that best works for you. The combination of ship, captain type that provides you the most fun. However that being said you do not have to be a tac in a escort. Crossing ships and captain types work extremely well and the game isn't designed to any one choice. It all comes down to personal choice and opinions vary. So to answer this question I will give you my own personal opinion and not everyone may agree. That is fine.

Engineers work better in escorts and tac officers work great in cruisers.. Why, because an engineer in a tac increases survivability and still puts out great dps. Tactical officers in cruisers can enhance the ships dps in something that already has great survivability by it's very design.

So decide what role you want to play on your team then combine it with the choice you make just to have fun and you can never go wrong..

Question 3.

3.) What is a good starting build for said combination?

Well builds again come down to personal choices and play styles. You have to do your research and find out what works best for you. Here is what i mean. Just yesterday I wandered into a conversation between two fleet members. The debate was centered around if an all beam escort was as effective as an escort with a cannon build. One player was inexperienced, the other was and his answer was no. So i jumped in with an answer like this.

So your telling me, in your opinion a beam escort isn't as effective. Answer no. My reply okay, you tell me if an advanced escort with this build isn't effective...

2x poloran Beam array MK X
2x plasma Beam array MK X
2x Phaser Beam Array MK X
Positron Deflector array Mk X
2x plasma plasma distribution manifolds MK X
3x science induction stablizers MK X
4x Tactical Directed energy distrubtion manifolds MK X

Is just as effective as an escort with an all cannon build? See this is the tricky part. To get the answers you need you always have to ask more questions and discover what works for you. So here goes

Can an all beam escort be just as effective as and all cannon build?

The answer is yes it can. For a few reasons.

Both all beam boats and all cannon builds have their advantages and disadvantages. I will get into both. First cannons have two distinct disadvantages, both come down to the same thing. Positional. Cannons have a much lower firing arc, 45 degrees, so you always have to maintain that position in combination with always having to either be directly in front or behind your enemy facing the ship. So your always fighting for position. Since almost all ship battles break down into circle fights, guess what...

Since I am already a master of circle fights as i indicated earlier from years of flight sims, this plays right into my hands. Why?

Because if i keep that individual in a circle fight with and all beam build the advantage is mine.Beam arrays don't suffer from low arcs. So in a circle fight i am always attacking broadside, with at least 5 beams hitting at once and they have a cannon build they simply can't fire at me back. You will also notice i varied the beam arrays and didn't stick to one type. Most people only like to master one type. I very mine because each beam has different effects. Phasers attack subsystems, plasma for the dot effect, polorans just for pure hull damage.. And they are just damn cool. = ). Which leads to the next too questions..

Can beams put out as much dps as cannons..

Again the answer is yes. Why? well that is easy. First the damage is different. Cannons put out burst dps while beams put out more damage over time. So in a sustained encountered beams will actually put out more dps in the end than cannons do. They simply get off more attacks. Secondly, cannons can't be fired all the time if you don't maintain your position or your firing arc. So can any weapon put out dps if they are not being fired? = ). I rarely lose 1v1s for this reason and only die if targeted by more than one ship.. I can honest tell you in a 1v1 situation, have never lost with my escort all beam build to a ship with an all cannon build. I simply keep them in a circle fight, they can't fire back with anything but turrets and they are done...

Also knowing how to cut across their circle when they try to speed up, stop, or change directions brings me directly behind them. I also used tractor beam on my escort for that reason. When i got behind them, tractor beam, dead opponent.. You don't know how many bop captains get angry when you hit them with tractor beam while they are trying to run away and battle cloak. = ).

Does this mean an all beam boat is as better then an all cannon build. No, of course not. It's personal choice. You just have to know the tricks which all the best players will quickly find in any mmo, use them and guard their secrets.

With Cannon builds your trading sustained dps for burst dps. People prefer these builds because they feel it kills more quickly and you are not effected by feed back pulse. You can keep cannons firing 75% of the time and get torps off every 20 seconds.. How? Simply by using torp High yeild 1 and 2. How do i keep cannons firing, well use Cannon rapid fire 1 and 2. All with correct timing. But again you will always be fighting for position.

The actual build or where to place your points. That is dependent on what you want to do. Do you want an all space build or do you want ground abilities too..

I currently run 3 characters. I will buy more later when i'm done working on these 3. However I have two klinks, One with an all space build for my space needs, and one with points invested in ground abilities when i feel the need to satisfy my ground killing urges...

On my single fed i have points in both ground and space. I originally had to skip points in ship classes. I didn't put all my points in every ship teir when i advanced. i found it to be a waist when you leveled cause you wouldn't use that ship ever again. However now that we get a free respect each level I point points into my ship of choice for that teir, then respect and move the points from my last ship into ground and engineering ablities... Even though you get a 25% boost i find it to still be a waist to leave points in previous ship teirs. Two reasons..

All the teir 3 and 4 points = that of what you get in teir 2 anyway. Also since t5 bonuses are greater then all the previous tiers, as it should be, you don't need to keep those points invested in every ship at every teir.. Unless you use an all space build, then it's fine.. So again, as always, it comes down to personal choice...

This is the Eng/Cruiser build that I use..

This is the Eng/Escort build that i use..

Hope this helps...