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04-05-2010, 07:31 AM
Originally Posted by XedoeSR View Post
6.) Some very good skills to look into are:
*Reverse shield polarity (countered mainly by Tykens Rift and Energy Siphons)
*Viral Matrix (countered by Attack pattern omega, science team, and if you fast enough reverse shield polarity)
*Tykens Rift (countered by simply moving away from the rift, but this can be hindered if you are hit by two layers using a tykens rift and gravity well)
*Subnuc Beam (no real counter, but if you use it be prepared to be the main target alot more)
*Jam Sensors & Scramble Sensors (countered by using science team on yourself)
The problem is that this is the loadout for 99% of ALL ships on either side that I see in PvP.

It's sad that a few powers so far outshine the others.