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04-05-2010, 08:02 AM
Originally Posted by Askarr
Hehe nice RP, love it. Might do some of that myself. I'd not call it terrorizing, I'd call it getting into character.
Well, it is terrorizing. Ya see, I don't always go in on my first run to destroy them. I would say 99% of players probably intend to win right away. I like to draw out the encounter by cloaking after only taking a shot or two ... its fun to toy with them. You can really get some people worked up. My favorite thing is to de-cloak, jam their sensors and not fire a single shot--when they can finally target me, I cloak. Many a brilliant thing has been said to me during these times.

I live for it. This is the way its supposed to be. We're not here in the game to hug one another.

And for bonus, I wonder how many male players hate getting owned by a woman. :p

Originally Posted by Waerlogan View Post
Fed ships should have to ability to fake being highly damaged/crippled.
I'd almost swear someone did this the other day ... a Fed ship in Ker'rat hanging out far away, all by themselves. 50% shields/50% hull. I thought I'd go an pay a visit. By the time I got there and started shooting, health was suddenly at 100% and shields at 90%. Now, that may have been some awesome Engineering Team with a hull repair console and Science Team/Emergency Power to Shields at work, but it was very theatrical. I loved it.

I had to retreat as I couldn't make a dent. I'm no fool; you have to pick your battles.