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04-05-2010, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by STObee
The answer is obvious. Instead of Crafters Klingons should be Thieves. Klingons steal their technologies from other more advanced species. Yes, thieves (industrial espionage?) and assassins. I'm sure that will be in a future update.

Because we all know every good MMO has to have a thieving skill.
Thieves would be a loose term, and if so, how did they get FTL before the punny Federation?
No, not all Klingons are warrior caste. However I agree with the earlier post, and partially with yours,
Slave labor and conquering other races for our labor pool and thier tech. is the Klingon way.
And the espionage idea is supported numerious times in Star Trek cannon.
Good ideas, question is will the Devs listen